Nas - King's Disease III
King's Disease III is the sixteenth studio album by American rapper Nas. It was released on November 11, 2022 through Mass Appeal Records. The album is the third entry in Nas' King's Disease series of albums, and acts as a sequel to his 2020 album King's Disease and his 2021 album King's Disease II.

King's Disease III


1. Ghetto Reporter

2. Legit

3. Thun

4. Michael & Quincy

5. 30

6. Hood2Hood

7. Recession Proof

8. Reminisce

9. Serious Interlude

10. I'm on Fire


12. Once a Man, Twice a Child

13. Get Light

14. First Time

15. Beef

16. Don't Shoot

17. Til My Last Breath (Bonus Track)

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